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Wholesale Eyebrow Barbell Jewelry

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Wholesale eyebrow barbell jewelry
Brow rings curved and circular

Eyebrow piercings have become more popular in the last 3 years and are slowly becoming one of the best selling items.  The standard gauge for brow rings is 16 gauge, however, there are many people now starting to use eyebrow jewelry in 14 gauge.  One of our best selling brow piercing jewelry items in this section is currently the eyebrow retainer.  It allows you to keep the eyebrow piercing open without drawing too much attention to the brow area.  If you are looking for captive bead rings to be used in the brow, please visit our wholesale captive bead rings section.

Steel Eyebrow Rings Jeweled Eyebrow Rings
Acrylic Eyebrow Rings Captive Bead Eyebrow Rings
Eyebrow Ring Retainers Titanium Brow Rings


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