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Navel Jewelry - Fancy Belly Rings

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Wholesale Navel Rings
Fancy / Dangle Belly Jewelry

We take great pride in our unique line of wholesale belly rings.  We offer an extensive line of jeweled navel rings and uniquely designed navel jewelry.  Belly ring styles are unlike any other you will find in the wholesale body jewelry industry.  Our navel rings feature a 7/16" curved barbell crafted entirely of 316L surgical steel.  The barbell itself if polished to a mirror finish.  The "fancy" part of our belly rings are plated in Rhodium.  Rhodium is another name for platinum, a very exclusive and long lasting precious metal. The reason we chose to plate our wholesale navel rings in platinum instead of the basic sterling silver plating is to offer our customers a long lasting finished belly ring.  Platinum plating will not chip, fade, or turn colors so you can be sure that your belly ring purchase will not come back to haunt you.  Please shop with confidence and let us know if we can be of assistance in this navel ring section.


Fancy Dangle Belly Rings Steel Belly Ring Basics
Logo Belly Rings Flashing Belly Rings
UV Acrylic Belly Rings Titanium and Other Belly Rings
Spiral Twister Belly Rings
14K Gold Plated Channel Set Stone Belly Ring
14k Gold Plated Starburst Design Gem Belly Ring
All Gem DIVA Belly Ring
Fire Dangle Gem Motorcycle Belly Ring
Eat Me Dangle Gem Belly Ring
Multi-Star CZ Chain Dangle Belly Ring
Long Strand Dangle Belly Ring
Sexy Star Dangle Belly Ring
Pink Reverse Two Star Dangle Belly Ring
Triple Swarovski Heart Dangle Belly Ring
Turquoise Enamel Heart Belly Ring
Winged V-Twin Engine Gem Belly Ring
Square Stone Channel Set Navel Ring
Multi-Color Channel Set Reverse Belly Ring
XOXO Jeweled Reverse Dangle Navel Ring
Teardrop Chandalier Jeweled Belly Ring

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