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Wholesale Body Jewellery

Due to it's advanced sense of fashion and it's ability to maintain the freshest trends, the United Kingdom offers a great opportunity for those interested in selling wholesale body jewellery.  Belly bars and tongue bars are very profitable to sell and we are offer a piercing jewellery wholesale supply opportunity to the UK.  Our products are manufactured by us with a combination of factories and materials from the United States, the UK, China, and Thailand.  Whether you are looking for UK piercing jewellery supplies or piercing jewellery, we are your source for body piercing jewellery manufacturing and wholesale.

Wholesale Belly Bars

Navel bars and belly piercing jewellery is also available to our wholesale customers.  Wholesale belly button bars and navel jewelry wholesale is one of the most profitable items in the industry.  We have sexy dangle belly bars as well as all the traditional basic navel rings - all available to purchase in bulk.  Also in stock at all times are belly shields and navel spiral twister jewellery.  All belly bar wholesale items are in stock at all times and can ship to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom,  or any other specific area of the world.  We are a body jewellery manufacturer which means we can offer the best wholesale prices and a wide variety of body piercing jewellery styles anywhere at the lowest wholesale price.

sexy belly rings
sexy belly rings

Wholesale Piercing Jewellery

Piercing jewellery is one of the very best industries available at this moment and promises to continue to be profitable for a very long time.  Buying wholesale piercing jewellery could and probably will result in a huge profit margin for you and your piercing jewelry shop.  Let's analyze this.. The target customer for this type of item is young adults between the ages of 17 and 25 years of age and piercing jewellery wholesale falls within the fashion arena.  The potential profit in selling body jewellery is greater than any business available right now and the investment to begin selling body piercing jewellery is minimal.  For a small $100 wholesale piercing jewelry investment you could begin your own company catering to a fun crowd with a substantial disposable income.

The UK United Kingdom Pound is strong at this time.  Why not capitalize on this difference in currency values to purchase in US dollars and sell in UK pounds.  An easy way to see how well wholesale body jewellery is doing in the UK, simply look at - Look up keywords like belly cars, tongue bars, body jewellery, piercing jewelry, etc. and see what it is selling for.  Then look at our wholesale body jewellery website at and compare prices.  Don't forget to add in the cost of shipping that is charged by the seller on Ebay.  This is another area where most Ebay sellers make a substantial amount of money.  Our shipping charges for wholesale body piercing jewellery to the UK is very reasonable as well  - only $19.99 or $29.99 for larger orders.  In the UK, that is only 10.61 or 15.92 pounds GBP.

Body Jewellery UK

Bulk body jewellery is available along with wholesale piercing supplies through our wholesale division.  You will find all types of piercing jewellery displays and tools as well as all the basic body jewellery items used in body piercing.  Our $100 minimum order amount is easy to work with when buying belly bars for re-sale or even tongue bars.  Monster Steel is a body jewellery manufacturer and offers quality wholesale body piercing jewellery.  Our styles are usually not available at any other wholesaler or manufacturer as we dedicate a lot of time and effort into quality and design to insure unique, likeable and popular body piercing jewellery.

Wholesale Piercing Supply UK

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Body Peircing Wholeslae UK available through, our partner company for body piercing jewellery supplys.  Wide range of wholesale belly bar, tongue bar, nose studs, nipple shields and Ear jewelry like plugs and earlets or tunnels - All available for wholesale body jewellry purchases.

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