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Wholesale body jewelry supplies piercing jewelry supplies piercing supplies

Distributor & wholesaler of body piercing supplies

Looking for a body piercing supplier that can fill all your needs for your body piercing supplies?  We offer a full range of body jewelry supplies and body piercing tools to meet your needs.  As a manufacturer and distributor of body piercing supplies, you can count on us to be able to supply all your body piercing needs.  Not only do we stock a huge amount of body piercing tools, body piercing pliers, and a full range of piercing supplies, but a full range of body piercing jewelry designed and manufactured by us.

Body piercing jewelry supply

No one company can offer a complete line of piercing jewelry supplies and we are no exception.  We have allied ourselves with the largest manufacturers and wholesalers in the world to make arrangements to offer you not only our full line of piercing supplies, but also access to all of their body piercing jewelry supplies.  If you find any item at one of our competitors sites that you do not see on our website, simply request it from us and we will offer you any body piercing  supply at the best price around.  We have access to thousands of wholesale body piercing supplies including all of the following:

Wholesale Body Jewelry Supplies

Tattoo Supplies and body piercing jewelry supply

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1) Tattoo Ink Cups
2) Tattoo Machine Coils
3) Body Piercing Ring Closing Pliers
4) Body Piercing Hemostats5) Body piercing needles
6) Sterilized piercing needles
7) body piercing corks
8) Body Piercing Receiving Tubes

9) Tattoo Needle Bars
10) Tattoo Steel Tubes

11) Tattoo Inks
12) Tattoo Machine Parts
13) Body Piercing Sterilization Pouches
14) Body Piercing Tapers
15) Body Piercing Medical Gloves

16) Body Piercing Ring Opening Pliers
17) Tattoo Tips
18) Tattoo Needles
19) Tattoo Grips
20) Tattoo Machines

21) Tattoo Power Supplies
22) Body Piercing Nose Pliers
23) Body Piercing Forceps
24) Body Piercing Dermal Punch

Wholesale body jewelry supplies


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