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VIB-Bell Vibrating Tongue Ring Barbell

Looking to for the hugely popular Vib-Bell Vibrating Tongue Ring?  We carry this items and would be happy to assist you.  This vibrating barbell sells for about $30.00 in stores and online.  You can carry this hugely popular & profitable tongue barbell, paying a fraction of the cost of competing vibrating body jewelry. Click here to shop our online Vib-Bell Vibrating Tongue section.

Vibrating Body Jewelry

The vibrating tongue barbell is a new craze that has swept the market.  Companies like yours are making great profits selling these vibrating tongue rings.  As the US distributor of this item, we are able to offer you the best price on this incredible vibrating body jewelry.

Vib-Bell Patented Tongue Ring

Contact us today to discuss the VIB-BELL vibrating tongue ring barbell.  Our customer service reps are standing by and would be happy to place your order so you can get in on this craze on the ground level.

Introducing our new SILVER BULLET Vibrating Tongue Barbell.

Please contact us for further information and ordering:



Shop our online Wholesale Vib-Bell Vibrating Tongue Body Jewelry

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