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Wholesale Body Jewelry

Wholesale body jewelry is an opportunity like no other in the market today. For as little as $100.00 start up capital, you too can begin and develop you very own body jewelry business.  We specialize in always keeping up to date styles available at very cheap prices to make your new business venture a success.  Selling body piercing jewelry has proven to many people the opportunity they were looking for in a career change or enhancement.  This website offers many informative articles as well as a wide range of piercing jewelry marked at great prices to allow you to make the most profit from your venture.  You will find a large selection of quality body jewelry in belly button rings, tongue rings, nose jewelry, captive bead rings, and all other lines of piercings available.  Further down this page you will see just a couple of examples of great ideas on how to get your new business started.

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Wholesale Body Jewelry

Large Selection of Body Jewelry Wholesale

Body Piercing Jewelry Wholesale

Navel jewelry and belly button rings are also available to our wholesale customers.  Wholesale belly button rings and navel jewelry wholesale are of the most profitable items in the industry.  We are manufacturers of body piercing jewelry which gives you many advantages.  Not only can we offer to manufacture any of your styles for you at body jewelry factory prices, but we can also guarantee that the quality will be best - all the piercings in our website are available to purchase in bulk.  We offer a complete line of all the basics as well as tribal and gothic labret stud jewelry, nipple rings that are for pierced and nonpiercing as well.  We carry a full range of ear tunnels, plugs, talons, and earlets available to our wholesale customers.  We are happy to offer our complete line of unique piercing supplies to the entire world.  We currently have customers in the USA, England, Germany, Spain, the UK,  Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, the Netherlands, and over 30 smaller countries throughout the world.  We are always excited about expanding our inexpensive line of body piercing jewellery to other areas of the globe.  Our customer service staff is available to assist you in either English or Spanish.

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Wholesale Navel Jewelry

Piercing jewelry is one of the very best industries available at this moment and promises to continue to be profitable for a very long time.  Buying wholesale piercing jewelry could be one of the best decisions you have made in a long time.  Let's analyze this.. The target market is young adults between the ages of 17 and 25 years of age and piercing jewelry wholesale falls within the fashion arena.  The potential profit in selling body jewelry is greater than any business available right now and the investment to begin selling body piercing jewelry is minimal.  Did you know that for a small $100 wholesale piercing jewelry investment you could begin your own company?  

Your customers which we profiled before may not always be the ones making the most money in the economy, but when it comes to their image, fashion, and piercing jewelry, they are more than willing to spend the money.  The typical belly ring, tongue ring, or nipple ring retails for $12-$25, yet the cost of this same piece of body piercing jewelry when bought from  a wholesale body jewelry company is $1 to $3.. Do you see what we mean?  Now, where could you sell this piercing jewelry that you buy wholesale?  That depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it.  Here are just a few ideas that you can think over when it comes to your own body jewelry business:

  • Consignment Sales:  This is an often overlooked business idea that could potentially lead to great profits.  Approach your local skate shop, record store, fashion store, hair salon, tanning salon, or gym and offer them a deal they can not resist.  You can bring in a small display (obtainable for $7) filled with various prices body piercing jewelry items such as  belly rings, tongue rings, nipple rings, etc. and set them up on an available counter area of their store.  They invest nothing, but let you use their marketing efforts and location to sell your body jewelry items.  In return, you offer them something appealing like $3.00 per piece that is sold.  Once a week, you come around and collect your money and refill the sold items from the display.  You bought the wholesale piercing jewelry  for $2.00 and paid $3.00 to the shop, but it sold for $12.00 - You made $7.00 with NO OVERHEAD.  Now multiply this by a couple of pieces a day, times 30 days in a month, times 10 different location in which you sell your wholesale body jewelry... We've done the numbers for you.. That is a $4,200 in one month selling body piercing jewelry, and the best thing is you worked 4 days out of the month for it!  The potential is limitless.. Try asking a couple of local shops what they think of the idea and see what response you get.  Start by visiting the places you already know.. Your hair dresser, the place where you tan, etc.
  • Body Piercing Jewelry Parties:  A little less involved, but also a great opportunity to make money selling piercing jewelry.  Ever heard of a Tupperware party, sex party, Frugal Gourmet party?  Many people around the world are making money inviting friends and selling their body jewelry at very reasonable prices.. Have fun, be social, make money!  Chances are that you have a belly button ring, tongue ring, or other piercing jewelry item, right?  Don't most of your friends also have navel rings, eyebrow rings, lip labret studs, and other piercings?  They will gladly buy from you and not the piercing shops, why?  To help you out, to buy a quality piece of jewelry, and because your prices for their favorite body piercing jewelry items are much better than the piercing shops!
  • Flea Markets:  Selling body piercing jewelry at flea markets is another great idea to capitalize on this thriving body jewelry market.  Setting up a small tent at a flea market is inexpensive and profitable.  Daily rentals of spaces at flea markets to sell your belly button rings, nose rings, and other piercing jewelry pieces typically costs $20 to $30.  You can easily sell 20-40 pieces over the course of a day.. Let's assume you only make $5.00 per body jewelry piece since you want to be competitive.  That will leave you a net profit selling body piercing jewelry of $80 - $180 per day.  And the best thing is that you can do this on the weekends and still keep your day job!

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      Stainless Steel Wholesale Body Jewelry

      Bulk Body Jewelry and Piercing Supply

      Bulk body jewelry is available along with wholesale piercing supplies through our wholesale division.  You will find all types of body piercing tools as well as all the basic body jewelry items used in initial piercings.  Our $100 minimum order amount is easy to work with when buying belly rings in bulk or even tongue rings.  Monster Steel is a body jewelry manufacturer and offers quality wholesale body piercing jewelry.  Our styles are usually not available at any other wholesaler or manufacturer as we dedicate a lot of time and effort into quality and design.


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