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We Manufacture and are Distributors of Body 
Piercing Jewelry

Wholesale Belly Rings and Other Navel Jewelry

We manufacture a beautiful line of wholesale belly rings. We put much of emphasis on design and quality when manufacturing our wholesale navel jewelry styles. Creativity is also a key factor when developing a unique navel ring piece. As a standard, all our wholesale body jewelry is crafted in 316L surgical steel. Our belly button rings are no exception to this manufacturing rule. All steel is then polished by hand to accomplish a navel piercing item that is free of flaws and has a mirror finish. The charm (decorative part) on most of our wholesale dangle belly rings are plated in Rhodium. Rhodium is basically the fine metal of platinum. Platinum is perfect for this belly button ring jewelry because it gives the jewelry a white, shiny look that even white gold does not have. All the crystals we use on our navel rings are a step above our competition. We use Swarovski stones for a more brilliant sparkling sexy belly ring.

The standard wholesale navel jewelry size is 14 gauge in thickness and 7/16" in length from thread to thread. You can assume that any wholesale belly jewelry in our online catalog is 7/16" unless stated otherwise. Usually all navel piercing jewelry consists of one 5mm ball that is threaded and the other side is stationary with either a charm or a larger fixed ball holding logo or stone.

Wholesale Logo Belly Rings and Body Jewelry

Wholesale logo belly rings are also a great unique body jewelry item we offer. There is no better way to express yourself than with your favorite character or favorite sayings. The curved barbell for our wholesale logo belly rings are also 14 gauge and 7/16" in length. The top ball is 5mm and the bottom belly ring ball is 8mm with an acrylic inlay that holds a color  image. The image is held in place by a safe totally clear resin that is also water proof. Logo body jewelry is truly a great and fun way to express yourself.

Wholesale Tongue Rings and Barbells

The typical tongue ring is 14 gauge as well (like the navel rings), but has a straight barbell that is 5/8" long. There are many different lengths for tongue rings and also many different gauge barbells. We carry a great selection of bulk tongue rings and wholesale tongue jewelry. Along with steel tongue rings, we also have a nice selection of acrylic tongue barbells for our wholesale piercing customers. Like the logo navel jewelry, we carry the same designs in wholesale logo tongue rings. The manufacturing is the same and the size of the image ball and opposite ball are the same. There is one important point to make about these tongue barbells. In the case of these wholesale logo tongue rings, both balls are threaded and can easily be taken off. This is perfect for those choosing to upgrade to a thicker barbell or a different length tongue ring shaft.

Wholesale Lip Labrets and Mouth Piercing Jewelry

Lip labrets are vary much in style today.. We have a ton of cool lip rings in stock to suite from the calmest person to the most extreme body jewelry enthusiast. The lip piercing ring is actually not a ring at all, although it is often referred to as a lip ring. It is actually very similar to a tongue ring in that it is straight and typically is 14 gauge in length. Lip labrets have only one threaded side and the other side is a smooth disc. The disc side of the lip labret ring goes inside the inner lip and designed to be flush with the inside lip. What goes on the threaded side can vary tremendously. We have available unique lip labret studs to meet any wholesale buyer's needs. We carry acrylic lip labret studs, steel ball lip rings, spike labrets for the lip, disturbed lip labret rings, and even some logo labret studs. 

Wholesale Brow Rings and Other Eyebrow Jewelry

Another very popular body piercing that of course we offer for wholesale is the eyebrow ring. We manufacture our eyebrow rings in a variety of styles and colors to suite distributor needs. The typical eyebrow jewelry barbell is 16 gauge (thinner than tongue and belly rings) and 5/16" in length from thread to thread. We carry wholesale logo eyebrow rings with inlay characters and designs. We also carry steel ball brow barbells or acrylic eyebrow rings for a simple look. Spikes are also popular designs and make very cool eyebrow jewelry at an extremely affordable wholesale price.

A Word About Body Jewelry Wholesale
Custom Piercing Jewelry Manufacturing

We are able to deal with body piercing jewelry customers of all sizes. We are able to work with our prices to a point if quantities are piercing jewelry are large enough. We can also be very flexible with pricing if a customer is willing to custom order from our factory.  Typically the production time of wholesale body jewelry custom orders is 5 weeks. The minimum order per design and color is 120 pieces, however, the pricing can be very competitive. Pricing on special orders can sometimes be half the price we offer to our standard body piercing wholesale customer. Please inquire about this exciting business opportunity.

Custom Wholesale Logo Body Jewelry
Cartoon Characters

You can see our extensive line of cartoon body jewelry and imagine how well these piercing jewelry items sell. We have the capability to have our factory put your design or ideas on logo body jewelry. The price on this unique body jewelry idea is quite reasonable and can be delivered to you within 5 weeks. All we need is a clear digital color image (JPEG or GIF). Minimum order quantities on these is 200 pieces per design. This minimum applies per body piercing jewelry style so if you wanted logo cartoon belly rings, you would have to order 200 of those and if you also wanted logo cartoon tongue rings, a separate 200 piece minimum would apply to them as well, etc. Please contact us for details.

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