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Complete Apprentice Starter Kit #9 5 Tattoo Machines



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Full Size STARBRITE COLORS Inks Included

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Complete Apprentice Starter Kit #9 5 Tattoo Machines

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KIT - 9 Tattoo Supply Starter Kit


Equip yourself with an excellent tattooing starter kit, filled with all the necessities of an artist's workflow. Included within this bundle is a your five tattoo machines, a Compact Power Supply with Foot Pedal, and an array of tools and supplies needed for your sessions. Take advantage of the included CD's - with valuable techniques and thousands of full color designs. Additionally, enjoy a sample of the b½ oz bottles of ster, 50 assorted needles, and machine accessories to get you initiated.


  • Soft Silicone Finish Black Liner Tattoo Machine V22
  • Stainless Steel Liner Shader Tattoo Machine V24
  • Graphite Finish Liner Shader Adjustable Tattoo Machine V25
  • Portable Analog Tattoo Power Supply
  • Flat Mini Foot Pedal
  • Spring Style 6' Clip Cord
  • Stainless Steel Ink Cap Holder
  • Sterile Starbrite Tattoo Ink - Bubblegum Pink 1/2 oz
  • Sterile Starbrite Tattoo Ink - Brite White 1/2 oz
  • Sterile Starbrite Tattoo Ink - Canary Yellow 1/2 oz
  • Sterile Starbrite Tattoo Ink - Deep Purple 1/2 oz
  • Sterile Starbrite Tattoo Ink - Royal Blue 1/2 oz
  • Sterile Starbrite Tattoo Ink - Black Outlining 1/2 oz
  • Sterile Starbrite Tattoo Ink - Scarlet Red 1/2 oz
  • Sterile Starbrite Tattoo Ink - True Green 1/2 oz
  • Sterile Starbrite Tattoo Ink - Tribal Black 1/2 oz
  • Sterile Starbrite Tattoo Ink - Venetian Brown 1/2 oz
    • 50 Premixed Needles
    • Black Dragon Body Pieercing & Tattoo Gloves - Med
    • Hex Allen Wrench 2.5mm & 3.0mm
    • Adjustable LED Light For Tattoo Machine
    • 5 Set Detail Brush Set for Cleaning Tattoo Tips & Tubes
    • 100 Rubber A-Bar Grommets
    • 100 Rubber A-Bar Nipples
    • Tattoo Design CDs
    • 100 Rubber Bands
    • 100 ea. SM, MD, LG Ink Caps
    • 8" x 6" Practice Skin for Tattoo Training
    • 16oz Pure Tattoo Stencil And Skin Prep
    • 5 Vitamin A&D Ointment Foil Packs
    TPA-FP300 & TPA-CLIP150

    Aluminum Carrying Case

    Protect your precious devices of the trade with a stylish, locking travel case. 12.5” x 9.5” x 4.5”, this silver case organizes all your needed supplies with two padded slots for tattoo machines, padded slots for tips, inks, and grips, and side compartment space for larger items.

    Compact Power Supply

    Lightweight power supply is controlled with a variable knob. Now you can connect both your liner and shader to the power supply with a simple flip of a switch. Perfect voltage of 1.5v-18v, and it takes an input of 100v-250v.

    Flat Foot Pedal & Clip Cord

    The Flat Mini Stainless Steel Foot Pedal has a thin body that's comfortable and easy on the feet. Pedal measures at 4.25" X 1.25" X 0.25", and has a 7' cord length. Clear 6' phono clip cord.

    TS-H1200-9MM-100 TS-H1200-12MM-100 TS-H1200-16MM-100

    300 Ink Caps & Stainless Steel Holder

    300 Ink caps - 100pcs of each size. You will receive a mixture of Small, Medium, and large size ink cups, fit to accommodate any sized tattoo project. Stainless Steel ink cap holder holds two rows of small and medium ink cap sizes.

    Mixture of 1/2 oz Starbrite Inks

    For years Starbrite colors has been proven to be a quality professional product, trusted by top artists of all different styles. Starbrite Ink is always sterilized for your safety and always made in the USA. As a registered authorized distributor of Starbrite ink you are guaranteed to receive a 100% authentic product that you can trust

    50 Premixed Needles & 25mm Grip

    Monster Point CE certified, EO Gas sterilized tattoo needles.

    • 5 of each: 1209RLB, 1205RLB, 1209M1, 1207RLB, 1205RSB, 120tM1, 1207RSB, 1205M1, 1203RLB, 1209RSB.
    • 1 EZ Auto Lock Grip - 25mm

    100pcs Bags & 8 Tips

    • 1 Bag of 100pcs Colored Rubber A-Bar Gromets
    • 1 Bag of 100pcs Colored Rubber A-Bar Nipples
    • 1 Bag of 100pcs Rubber Bands.
    • 8 Grips: 11FT, 5FT, 7FT, 9FT, 7RT, 9RT, 5RT, 3RT.

    Green Soap

     The number one tattoo cleanser in the industry. COSCO green soap is excellent when diluted with water for skin prep and also for stencil application.

    Allen Wrench

    All in one hex tool features both 2.5mm and 3.0mm allen wrenches on one easy to use tool.



    Each tattoo gun is crafted by hand, this is the perfect starter liner gun.


    Lightweight and comfortable tattoo grips are easy to use and maintain. These quality grips are super light, yet very ergonomic! These grips are made with exceptional material and craftsmanship.

    Hybrid Liner/Shader

    These machines can be used both as a shader or liner. We have build these to be universal so you can run it to your liking.  

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