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Wholesale Tattoo Inks

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Tattoo Machines
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Tattoo Power Supply
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Tattoo Supplies - Manufacturer and Distributor of quality tattooing supplies online

The tattoo supply industry is constantly changing.  The days of paying full price for tattoo supplies, needles, and tattoo inks are long gone.  We believe that a little extra change in your pocket is always a good thing.  We have developed our tattooing supplies business model around volume sales. We buy very large quantities on a monthly basis of all types of tattoo supplies and offer them to you at very reduced prices.  We also take advantage of our buying power to negotiate the most aggressive rates with our factories, giving you further discounts on tattooing supplies.

When it comes to tattoo inks and pigments, we take a strong stance on quality.. Only quality USA tattoo ins are acceptable in our eyes.  There is no room in the market for inferior Chinese tattoo inks or watered down wannabe tattoo pigments.  Our expensive line of tattoo inks includes Starbrite colors, Iron Butterfly, Kuro Sumi tattoo inks, Millennium Mom's ink, Black Buddha full line of greywash, graywash, and shading tones.  We offer all the quality tattoo inks at the best prices in the industry.  We use our same business model with this inks as we do with all our online tattoo supplies.. buy in bulk, negotiate the best prices with the manufacturers, then pass the savings on to you

USA Tattoo Inks | Starbrite Colors, Kuro Sumi, Millenium Moms & Iron Butterfly tattoo pigments

Authentic USA Tattoo Inks


starbrite tattoo ink

Starbrite Colors Tattoo Inks

iron butterfly tattoo ink

Iron Butterfly Tattoo Colors

millennium mom's tattoo ink

Millennium Mom's Tattoo Ink

Kuro Sumi Colors tattoo ink

Kuro Sumi Japanese Colors

Nuclear Colors UV ultra violet tattoo inks

UV - Ultra Violet Tattoo Ink



Quality, authentic tattoo pigments - All made in the USA - Online tattoo supply

We are proud to offer a full line of quality, professional tattoo inks & pigments online.  We have teamed up with the best brands in the industry and negotiated the best prices for our customers. Whether you are in the market for the rich professional colors of Iron butterfly tattoo inks or the Ultraviolet UV colors available through our different USA tattoo brands, we can meet your needs.  If you are searching for a sterile tattoo ink that has been approved by the European Union, we encourage you to look at Starbrite colors.  If an all American tattoo pigment is your thing, then Millennium Mom's has a huge line of colors that will definitely give you the edge you desire.

Our partnership with you is simple. We find the best quality and prices on tattoo products and pass it on to you.  We have seen over the years that our loyal tattoo supply customers appreciate our low cost, quality tattoo supply sales techniques.  Like you, we are only looking for a fair way to make a living.. We take care of our customers and watch their back. The result is a great bunch of guys and gals serving our very loyal tattoo supply customers.  We do our best to make you successful and more profitable because we know that in the end, this will ensure all of our successes. 

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