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Body Jewellery wholesale - Manufacturer of body piercing Jewellery wholesale

For many years now, we have been offering our unique line of wholesale body jewellery to the UK community with great acceptance.  Our line of jewellery is like no other in the market as we are piercing jewellery designers and always one step above the latest trends.  Although we have acquired many new customers in the United Kingdom, our line still stands tall above all the rest of our competitors.  We provide a full line of body piercing jewellery at very affordable prices including a full line of belly bars, tongue bars, nipple shields, lip labret jewellery, all types of ear jewellery, eyebrow rings, nostril studs, and much more.  We extend our line of profit making items to you and our all English staff stands available to assist you with your wholesale body jewellery needs.

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We are able to cater to all sized businesses here at Our discount program allows you to save as you grow. Above our low everyday prices on our entire line of wholesale body jewellery, discounts apply for orders as low as $200 and continue to get higher as your order does. We also offer contract manufacturing through our plants overseas.  If you would like have any special design made exclusively for you, contact us to get a quote. We offer very competitive prices when making custom orders and will not sell your design to anyone else but you. Most of our line can be custom made in quantities as low as 400 pieces per color or size at a substantial discount over our advertised prices.

Shipping is always easy at as well. We offer twi very economical ways to ship your items and insure that your new order arrives quickly and in perfect condition. Shiping to the UK starts at $19.99 USD and is never higher than $29.00 USD. Contact us today to start carrying our line of body jewellery and see why we are one of the fastest growing piercing jewellery companies in world today.


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