18g G23 Titanium Fishtail Nose Piercing Stud 1.5mm

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G23 Titanium Fishtail Nose Stud Piercing

18g/1.5mm Length

The nose pin is a simple design that allows to straight post to enter the piercing easily and stay there. At 1.5mm in length, the post is longer than normal nose bone studs, as fishtail studs are meant to be bent by a professional to perfectly fit your nose. It is sized at an 18 gauge, the most common size for nostril piercings, so this should fit most nose piercings. The metal of the jewelry is Grade 23 Titanium, which is the type of metal used by medical professionals for surgical implants because of its durability, light weight, and biocompatibility. This means that the metal has a significantly less chance of causing infection or irritation while being worn.

  • Made of Grade 23 Titanium

  • 18 Gauge.

  • Fishtail Nose Stud Design.

  • 1.5mm Post Length

  • Ball on End of Post.

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