Tattoo Artists: Get Your Hands on this Eternal Ink Zombie Set

Tattoo artists, we are sure you have created some scary tattoos, or perhaps you even have one yourself. Remember that customer who wanted a bloody, ghostly looking eye? Or the one that wanted their skull tattoo to just be a little bit freakier? Now those scary tats can give you a little something more than just nightmares. You could win this special edition 12-piece  Eternal Ink Zombie Set. The set features colors inspired by the undead, such as as Frostbite Blue and  Dried Blood. 

How to Enter:

1) Follow Monster Steel on Instagram.

2) Post a photo of your scariest tattoo (or the scariest tattoo you've created) using the hashtag #scarytat!

3) The DEADline to enter is October 10th.


Good luck . . . we will see you on the other side! 

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