S8 Tattoo Systems

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  • The world’s first red thermal paper that makes it easier for artists to view black ink when lining because of the colorants in the tattoo stencil paper.

    S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper Thermal Paper Sheets for Precise and Crisp Tattoo Lining Work

    $ 7.99
  • This vegan friendly Tattooing Gel is designed to reduce needle burn acting as a numbing agent for the client.

    S8 Red Tattooing Barrier Gel Single Use Packets to Lock in Tattoo Stencil and Reduce Client Pain During Tattoo Sessions

    $ 3.57$ 6.07
  • Tattoo Transfer Gel which is made to cleanse the skin while securing the stencil paper.
    New Sale

    S8 Red Tattoo Transfer Gel Stencil Solution 2-in 1 Individual Sachets Cleans and Transfers Tattoo Stencil onto Skin

    $ 2.92$ 4.96
  • Tattoo needle cleaner that removes ink, biological matter and build up more effectively than other tattoo supplies from competitors.

    S8 Red Tattoo Needle Cleaner Rinse Cup Wash Individual Sachets for Removing Ink and Residue from Needle Groupings

    $ 3.49$ 6.48
  • S8 RED tattoo soap carefully formulated with plant enzymes to prepare the skin for a tattoo stencil.

    S8 Red Tattoo Soap Individual Packs Alcohol-Free Plant-Based Astringent for Tattoo Prep Wash Bottles

    $ 3.49$ 6.48
  • S8 Stencil Thermal Printer

    S8 Stencil Thermal Printer

    $ 559.00
  • S8 Stencil Printer Battery

    S8 Stencil Printer Battery

    $ 79.00$ 170.00