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  • Bottle Size: 8oz
  • For stencils that won’t rub off during tattooing
  • Alters the pH of the skin, allowing methyl violet to dye skin cells
  • Equipped with spray nozzle
  • Developed and manufactured by TatuYou®
  • Price per one bottle

Directions for Use:
Spray Stencil-Prep® on clean, shaved skin. Massage the solution on the skin and wipe off with paper towel to remove any oil or chemicals. Reapply and allow to air dry until it is tacky to the touch. Apply the stencil to the skin with even pressure for 30 to 60 seconds. To avoid smearing, do not move the stencil. To remove or reposition the stencil, apply skin sanitizer or alcohol and wipe the stencil away.

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