Wholesale Body Jewelry Lots

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Wholesale Body Jewelry Lots

Wearing body jewelry is a raging trend today not just in the west where it all began but in other parts of the world as well where the youth is embracing this new fashion culture with open arms. As a result, there are numerous kinds of specially crafted jewelry available keeping in mind the enthusiasm and free spirited nature of the fashionistas.

In its initial years, body piercing jewelry was limited to circular earrings and choices were often limited. Not anymore! These days, you find barbells, colorful beads, captive bead rings, labrets, belly rings, plugs, spirals, and several other varieties. With time, body jewelry has grown from using the traditional gold and silver material to steel as well as titanium, wood, horn, amber, stone, bamboo, niobium, glass, plastic, silicone, tusks and other bones, and even porcelain. This evolution in the materials used has obviously lead to unusual designs, textures, and sizes.

Monster steel deals in body jewelry lots of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Being in the business longer than most of our competitors, 15 years to be precise, we ensure stocking the best of what is available online for our customers. If you’ve seen a particular kind of body jewelry online or in a magazine or on someone’s person, the chances are we stock it. Our vast collection of wholesale body jewelry will surprise you with its sheer variety and number.

Our assorted lots come in 50 and 100 pieces and are geared towards both the end customers as well as shops who wish to buy in bulk or wholesale. We source our supplies from our trusted partners worldwide and you can be sure that the quality of material and craftsmanship involved in designing and creation of these lots is exceptional. If you are looking for something specific in terms of design or measurement and can’t find it on our site, feel free to contact us online or call us at 1-800-630-9256.