Color Lock Tattoo Needle Cartridges | Diamond Tip | Box of 10

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Color Lock Tattoo Needle Cartridges - Diamond Tip

Introducing Color Lock - where innovation and design meet the art of tattooing.

Developed by industry professionals, Color Lock tattoo needle cartridges are designed with precision and durability in mind, so you can achieve a sharper, more precise tattoo that you and your clients will love. From extra tight round liners to traditional mag shaders, Color Lock can handle it all.


  • Box of 10 Color Lock Tattoo Needle Cartridges
  • 63 needle configurations available
  • Available in Round, Open and Diamond tip styles
  • Needle spacing available in Extra Tight, Tight and Traditional
  • Compatible with Most cartridge grips and easily locks into place
  • Compatible with most rotary and coil tattoo machines
  • Smoother and more consistent needle strokes provide sharper and more precise tattoo results
  • Use for both color tattoos and black and grey work
  • Individually wrapped and sterilized with ethylene oxide gas
  • Durable long lasting design

Color Lock Needle Cartridges are made with quality materials built to withstand the rigors of the tattoo process. The precise design allows for faster retraction and less needle flow tension in order to take your tattoos to the next level. Higher speeds and less voltage used means a more efficient and clean finished tattoo.


Crafted from medical grade plastic housing, the needle cartridge tip design helps to prevent ink back-flow and cross-contamination during the tattoo process. Color Lock Tattoo Needle Cartridges are individually packaged and sterilized with ethylene oxide gas for your safety. The disposable needle cartridges eliminate the need for expensive autoclave and ultrasonic equipment.


Color Lock Cartridge Needles are easy to use and they are compatible with most rotary and coil tattoo machines and cartridge grips. Just insert the tattoo needle cartridge into your grip and twist to lock it into place.

Monster Steel is proud to provide superior quality tattoo supplies at wholesale tattoo supply prices. Upgrade to Color Lock Tattoo Cartridge Needles today and see the difference!

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