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InkJecta Ergo Disposable Cartridge Grips in Black - Box of 10

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Unlike other plastic disposable grips on the market, our Ergo cartridge grips have a similar composition to our billet alloy machine frames. This composition gives them a sturdiness and resilience that allows them to withstand the slide of our give system, resulting in minimal to no vibration. Each grip is black in color and has a flattened, molded shape to accommodate the natural grip of a hand.  


Our disposable Ergo cartridge grips are designed to work perfectly with our line of Flite v2 tattoo machines.

Other Features

Each of our grips is EO sterilized and ready for use. They come packaged as a box of ten.

Manufactured in Australia

InkJecta is proud to handcraft all machines and technology exclusively in Australia. No outsourcing is involved in the manufacturing process.
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