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Precision Pen Mini Max Surgical Skin Marker Ultra Fine Tip

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Directions For Use:

  • Clean skin area thoroughly with an alcohol prep or swab. Dry the area completely.

  • Carefully mark the cleaned skin area. Allow skin markings to dry.

  • Prep normally over marked site.

  • Use alcohol and a gentle scrub to remove markings.


  • Ink: Gentian violet, a surgical ink that is the only ink approved for use on human skin during any invasive procedures

  • Removal: Remove with alcohol and a gentle scrub. It becomes a more permanent mark once it is allowed to dry.

  • Non-sterile and aseptic: Cannot be autoclaved because it will melt.The barrel doesn't need to be sterilized because it shouldn't be coming into contact with the wound site.

  • Eliminate cross-contamination: It is, as all pens like this are, intended for single patient use.The tip has never touched skin, so as long as it is single patient use, there is no chance for cross-contamination. The pen should be discarded or given to the client after use.

  • Price Per one, buy 100 and receive the box as shown in the gallery of images

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