16 Gauge Straight Barbell Cartilage Piercing Body Jewelry with Synthetic Opal

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Product ID: CRT-3000-BL

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Product Description

A straight barbell for cartilage punch piercings and suitable for a wider variety of pierces.. This threaded bar with tapped ball provides easy release and is adorned with a synthetic opal, offered in a wide selection of colors. Made from stainless steel to enhance the body’s acceptance and reduce healing times. Always follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions, washing and cleaning your new pierce thoroughly several times a day, as well as avoiding clothing that allows dirt, sweat or encourages bacterial growth to collect and possibly infect that new piercing. This barbell is designed not only as a great initial jewelry choice, for during the healing stage, but also stylish enough to keep wearing long after the healing is complete.

  • 1/4 " (6mm) long post
  • Stainless steel to promote healing
  • Full spectrum of stone colors to choose from
  • A step up from the basic healing jewelry initially used
  • Suitable for a wide variety of piercings

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