16" x 12" Clear Acrylic Tattoo Ink Shop Wall Display 4 Tier

$ 25.95

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Default Title DSP-400-CLR $ 25.95
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Clear Acrylic Tattoo Ink Wall Display

Keeping your supplies and your work space organized is very important, and the less space your supplies take up the better! This clever acrylic wall display will hold 44 standard 1/2 oz Ink Bottles (11 on each Shelf) and can hold seven 2 oz bottles or 10 1 oz bottles on the top shelf. Each shelf is 3 3/4" Height by 1 1/2" Deep by 12" in Length. Because the Display attaches to a wall and is only 1 1/2" wide, it takes up very little space and keeps your Inks stored upright and available for easy access and selection.


  • 16" x 12"
  • 4 Tier Shelves
  • 3 3/4" Between Shelves
  • fits aprox. 44 1/2 oz bottles


  • Clear acrylic
  • Top shelf is open
  • Drilled with 4 holes
  • Turn Your Supplies into an oragnized show piece!

Please note that most standard 1/2 oz bottles will fit on any shelf, while 1 oz and 2 oz bottles will only fit comfortably on the top shelf. Ink Not Included With Display.