200 Self-Sealing Autoclave Sterilization Pouches 5 1/4" x 10"

Product ID: MED-DYX-4464
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$ 10.99

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Dynarex Self Sealing Sterilization Pouches

Box of 200 5¼" by 10" Self Sealing Pouches


Dynarex Self-sealing sterilization pouches can be used for sterilization in gas, steam, or vapor sterilizers. Each pouch self seals and has a unique color changing indicator to ensure proper sterilization. These pouches are medical-grade and designed to hold and store all types of instruments, such as needles, body jewelry, and forceps.


  • Box Qty: 200 pcs
  • Pouch Size: 5¼ by 10"
  • Self-Sealing Pouches
  • Color Changing Indicator


  • For Single use only
  • Keep stored at 59°F - 85°F
  • Process in steam, gas, or vapor sterilizers
  • Use to sterilize Needles, Jewelry, and other Piercing Supplies