Andy Engel Essentials 1oz Series — Intenze Tattoo Ink — 19 Bottles

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Product ID: INK-Intenze_207

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Product Description

  • Size: 1 oz. bottle
  • 11 page instruction manual included
  • Online access code included for 2 hour demonstration video featuring Andy Engel  
  • Priced per 1 kit with 19 advanced tattoo ink formula bottles
  • Colors included: Andy’s Grey Wash Black, Andy’s Shading Black, Andy’s True Black, Chartreuse, Dark Plum, Flo’s Green, Mint, Plum, Skin Tone Flesh Dark, Skin Tone Flesh Light, Skin Tone Flesh Medium, Skin Tone Natural Dark, Skin Tone Natural Extra Light, Skin Tone Natural Light, Skin Tone Natural Medium, Skin Tone Red Dark, Skin Tone Red Light, Skin Tone Red Medium, Weibi’s Red

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