Assorted 50 Pieces Bioflex - FLEXIBLE Belly Button Rings

$ 3.25

Title SKU Price MSRV Quantity
Default Title LOT50-NAV-FLEX $ 3.25 $ 13.00
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AWESOME MONEY MAKER! You will get 50 totally flexible and comfortable bioflex belly rings in a mix of 6 popular colors. Each Piece is ultra violet sensitive and comes with a 7/16" curved barbell in 14 gauge. The curved barbell is crafted in an ultra flexible variation of bioflex that is the most comfortable in the industry. The balls are made of acrylic.  Each barbell has one 5mm ball on top and one 8mm ball on bottom.


Each piece is brand new and ready to sell - These are extremely popular and extremely profitable.

You know that each barbell retails for $4.00 to $7.00 OR MORE - Now buy 50 pieces for almost nothing!  THATS WAY MORE THAN 1000%  profit! Each belly ring features:

-11.1mm barbell (7/16") crafted in authentic flexible bioflex.

-Standard 1.6mm gauge (14 gauge) - Most popular in the industry.

-Two matching designer acrylic balls 5mm and 8mm