Round Liner and Shaders with a Round Tip Design MagLock Cartridge Tattoo Needles

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Product ID: CART-346-MAGLOCK

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Product Description

Mag Lock

Magnetic Drive Needle Cartridges
Round Tip Round Liner - Box of 10 Needles

Introducing the future of tattoo needle cartridges. Developed by industry professionals, Mag Lock Needle Cartridges are designed with an innovative magnetic drive technology. Mag Lock Needle Cartridges work with all rotary and coil tattoo machines and require no special equipment or tools.

Standard needle cartridges use rubber bands or nipples that wear down and break during tattoo sessions. With its patented frictionless design, Mag Lock Needle Cartridges are driven by magnetic fields, resulting in smoother and more consistent strokes. Your clients will experience less bleeding and irritation and you will achieve a cleaner, more precise final result.

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