Peak | Blood Tattoo Needle Cartridges | Red | Box of 20

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Product ID: NC-PK-BC-068-MIXRL

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Product Description

PEAK Needles

Blood Disposable Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Enhance the look and feel of your tattooing experience with disposable PEAK Needles Blood Cartridge Tattoo Needles; distinguished by its rich color and packaged in sterile, single use packages, each Blood Cartridge Needle is equipped with an individually sized rubber band mechanism for a more traditional feel and flow, providing the ideal tension needed for fluidity and adaptability.

PEAK Blood Cartridges are compatible with ALL cartridge-system grips and machines, have been crafted using only the most cutting edge equipment, and are tested multiple times to ensure premium quality products. Thanks to their sleek, compact design, PEAK needles save space, are easy to change out, and decrease motion during tattooing, yielding a more effective way to tattoo. With over 20 sponsored artists, PEAK products are used and loved by some of the most talented tattoo professionals in the world; now it's your turn to join them!

Needle Options Include:

  • Round Liner
  • Tight Round Liner
  • Round Liner Cut Back Tip
  • Round Shader
  • Bugpin Magnum
  • Bugpin Curved Magnum
  • BugpinCurved Magnum Textured
  • Closed Tipped Magnum
  • Curved Magnum
  • Flat
& 14) Standard Round Shader & 23) Bugpin Textured Curved Magnum & 23) Curved Magnum & 9) Standard Round Liner 1003 Standard Round Liner 1005 Standard Round Liner 1007 Bugpin Curved Magnum 1007 Bugpin Magnum 1007 Bugpin Textured Curved Magnum 1009 Bugpin Curved Magnum 1009 Bugpin Magnum 1009 Bugpin Textured Curved Magnum 1011 Bugpin Curved Magnum 1011 Bugpin Magnum 1011 Bugpin Textured Curved Magnum 1011 Standard Round Liner 1013 Bugpin Curved Magnum 1013 Bugpin Textured Curved Magnum 1014 Standard Round Liner 1015 Bugpin Curved Magnum 1015 Bugpin Magnum 1015 Bugpin Textured Curved Magnum 1017 Bugpin Curved Magnum 1017 Bugpin Magnum 1017 Bugpin Textured Curved Magnum 1019 Bugpin Curved Magnum 1019 Bugpin Magnum 1019 Bugpin Textured Curved Magnum 1023 Bugpin Curved Magnum 1023 Bugpin Magnum 1023 Bugpin Textured Curved Magnum 1027 Bugpin Curved Magnum 1027 Bugpin Magnum 1027 Bugpin Textured Curved Magnum 11 1201 Standard Round Liner 1203 Cut Back Round Liner 1203 Standard Round Liner 1203 Standard Round Shader 1203 Tight Round Liner 1205 Closed Tip Magnum 1205 Curved Magnum 1205 Standard Round Liner 1205 Standard Round Shader 1205 Tight Round Liner 1207 Curved Magnum 1207 Curved Tip Magnum 1207 Standard Round Shader 1207 Tight Round Liner 1209 Closed Tip Magnum 1209 Standard Round Shader 1211 Closed Tip Magnum 1211 Curved Magnum 1211 Standard Round Liner 1211 Standard Round Shader 1213 Closed Tip Magnum 1213 Curved Magnum 1214 Standard Round Liner 1214 Standard Round Shader 1214 Tight Round Liner 1215 Closed Tip Magnum 1215 Curved Magnum 1217 Curved Magnum 1219 Standard Flat 1223 Standard Flat 17 5 7 9 Cartridge Needles Mixed (3 Mixed (7 Peak

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