Critical Tattoo Universal Receiver and Adaptor

Critical Tattoo Universal Receiver and Adaptor

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Product ID: TPA-RX-U

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Product Description

Receiver and Adapter

This sophisticated receiver provides the tattoo artist with top of the line quality products that won't break the bank. The receiver is compatible with all older models as well as current and future models! This is an essential accessory for all professional tattooers so you're never stuck without a machine to work on!

How To Use:

Press and hold the sync button on the receiver until the LED begins to blink. The next step would be to press down on the Wireless Foot Pedal and the light indicator on the foot pedal and receiver will go solid and then go way to confirm that its synced successfully.

The receiver also offers the exclusive feature of "Maintain Mode" by clicking the receiver once and when you step on the foot pedal it should maintain the power without having your foot on the pedal. To exit "Maintain Mode", simply click the receiver button again to switch back to "Manual Mode"


  • Plugs Into Most Power Supplies
  • Powered by External Power Adapter
  • Compatible With All Past and Current Critical Wireless Pedals
  • Made in America

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