Derma Numb Topical Numbing Anesthetic DURING Tattoo Lidocaine Pain Relief Spray 1oz

Product ID: MED-DN-1001
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$ 14.99

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Derma Numb

Tattoo Anesthetic Spray

Derma Numb Tattoo Anesthetic Spray is a unique numbing topical spray designed specifically for use during the tattoo process.Lidocaine and natural numbing agents work to effectively numb the area once the skin has already been broken. Effective in just 90 seconds, Derma Numb provides anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties and can be re-applied as needed.  The unique formula is safe on all skin types and will not affect ink color or the tattoo healing process. 

Use Derma Numb Spray during the tattoo process to alleviate any discomfort caused by the needle penetrating the skin.  For optimal pain-free results, use in combination with Derma Numb Gel to numb skin prior to tattooing, and Derma Numb soap for tattoo aftercare.


  • Specifically designed to ease discomfort during the tattoo process
  • Works in 90 seconds and can be re-applied as needed
  • Safe on all skin types and will not affect ink color or healing process
  • Anti-inflammatory and skin cell rejuvenating properties 
  • Contains Lidocaine and natural skin numbing agents to ease discomfort caused by the tattoo process