Diablo Cartridge Rotary Tattoo Machine in Silver Aluminum with Combo Adjustable Grip

$ 299.99

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Default Title TM-FR-CM-SIL $ 299.99
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Diablo Rotary's Cartridge Tattoo Machine

T-6 Aluminum frame with adjustable grips and cam system.

Looking to put out a product that was high enough in quality for professional artists to use, but priced for the beginner and apprentices to get hold of, Diablo Rotary has put out a line of quality tattoo machines that that gets the job done without breaking your wallet. The Cartridge Tattoo Machine is has a lightweight aluminum rotary tattoo gun frame that sits with ease in your hands and prevents cramping. Diablo has a history providing good rotary tattoo machines at affordable prices, and this Cartridge Tattoo Machine is no exception. Diablo Rotary's Cartridge Tattoo Machine kit includes an adjustable tattoo machine grip from COMBO, that is compatible with other COMBO grips that are either adjustable or non-adjustable. Box also includes a rotary tattoo machine RCA connector to make sure your machine receives the right connection for the piece of work you're about to do. When it comes to professional tattoo guns, you can count on Diablo to provide the perfect balance of quality and price.

  • Made with silver colored T-6 aluminum frame to ensure a lightweight tattoo machine that's also durable.
  • Adjustable COMBO grip that is compatible with other adjustable and non-adjustable grips by COMBO.
  • Includes an interchangeable cam system with corresponding Allen wrench to allow you change from 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0mm.
  • Running Volt: 5V, Working Volt: 12V, Max Volt: 18V.
  • Goes 8000 RPM.