Dynamic Tattoo Ink Sample Pack Blends Set of 12x 1oz Bottles

  • Made in the Usa
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$ 70.00

Title SKU Price MSRV Quantity
Default Title INK-DC-BSPK-1OZ $ 70.00


Dynamic Tattoo Ink

Sample Pack Blends

Dynamic Ink, Is a premium ink created with vibrant, pre-dispersed colors. Specializing in high quality Tattoo color Since 1990, Dynamic Ink provides artists with performance colors. With a great tattoo comes great responsibility and thats why this ink provides long lasting color to be enjoyed for years.

  • 1x Electric Blue 1oz
  • 1x Sky Blue 1oz
  • 1x Teal 1oz
  • 1x Turquoise 1oz
  • 1x Bright Orange 1oz
  • 1x Light Brown 1oz
  • 1x Lime Green 1oz
  • 1x Leaf Green 1oz
  • 1x Tropical Purple 1oz
  • 1x Lavender 1oz
  • 1x Hot Pink 1oz
  • 1x Bubble Gum Pink 1oz