Eternal Tattoo Ink Darkest Gray Wash

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Product Description

Eternal Tattoo Ink Darkest Gray Wash


Heighten the vibrancy of black and grey tattoos with Darkest Gray Wash by Eternal Ink, one of the most popular and consistent ink brands in the business. Darkest Gray Wash is a tattoo ink that is formulated to create the best looking tattoo for the artist and their client.

A great tattoo ink is needed for a tattoo to look its absolute best for as long as possible, and Eternal tattoo ink has been creating ink that lives up to these expectations for over a decade. A pre-dispersed tattoo ink that is water-based and non-acrylic, Eternal Inks also boast a vegan formula.


  • Consistent, High Quality Gray Wash Tattoo Ink in 1oz. or 2oz. Bottles
  • Water-based pigment can be watered down if necessary
  • Non-acrylic ink and organic ink heals faster and holds better
  • Vegan friendly
  • Made in America

Eternal Inks are a leading name in tattoo ink brands that are used by famous artists such as Guy Atchison, Jess Yen, and Mike DeVries over the last 13 years. A water-based ink that can be easily watered down if needed, eternal inks were created specifically for the ease of the tattoo artist. It is also a non-acrylic tattoo ink that allows the skin to heal quickly while holding color better. Providing quality tattoo ink at an affordable price, the Darkest Gray Wash by Eternal tattoo inks will be able to enhance your black and grey tattoos and allow for the perfect shading.

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