Eyebrow Ring Body Jewelry G23 Titanium 16g Bezel Set Rhinestones

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Product ID: BR-1066-08-CLR

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Product Description

Eyebrow Piercing Barbell with Bezel Set Rhinestones


This eyebrow ring body jewelry is made of medical Grade 23 Titanium, the type of metal that is used in surgical implants because of its light weight, durability, and biocompatibility- meaning a significantly reduced possibility of irritation or infection while being worn. Shaped into a curved, barbell design, it has a 3mm screw-on ball with bezel set rhinestones on either ball. It is sized at a 16g.

  • Size 16 gauge.
  • Bezel set rhinestones.
  • Barbell design.
  • Made of Grade 23 Titanium metal, which is used for surgical implants.
  • 3mm Screw On Ball

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