FK Irons Tattoo Machine Lubricant Kit

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  • Made in the Usa


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Product Description

Lubricant Kit

Clean, lubricate, and keep your machines running happily with this small option lubrication kit.


  • Small Kit Option
  • Lubricant Oil
  • Superlube Grease
  • Specially Formulated for Tattoo Machines
  • Manufactured in the USA

A continued goal of excellence and dependability has lead Fallen King Irons to become a sought-after brand in tattoo shops around the world! With over 10 years of precision tattoo machine prototyping and construction, Gaston Siciliano has been revising and improving his equipment to near perfection since he originally started working out of his garage. With limited distribution only to licensed tattoo artists and apprentices, these machines are now sold to professionals WORLDWIDE. FK Irons offers RCA ready products including, Rotary Tattoo Machines with fully interchangeable stroke sizes and Coil Tattoo Machines that are offered as conventional liners, cutback liners, power liners, soft shaders, cutback shaders, or color packers. Each machine is protected with a lifetime warranty, and offers a high standard of product that simply cant be beat. With over 50 distributors in the USA and around the world, and over 78,000 followers on social media, FK Irons will change the way you tattoo forever.

FK Iron machines are covered under the manufacturers life warranty against manufacturing defects. Please refer to FK Irons for machine warranty and servicing.

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