Flite Nano Elite Tattoo Machine - Limited Edition Black

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Product ID: MACH-454

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Product Description


Flite Nano Elite is our flagship machine. After extensive development, our Limited Edition Black model turned out to be a real treat. Instead of our usual, interchangeable side bumpers, Limited Edition Black comes with engraved sides. It has a one-of-a-kind silver-and-white speckled cam cover, a rubber ring with our logo in silver, and a titanium lock nut that is laser etched with our logo.


Steering away from the Swiss Maxon motor employed in our previous machines, the Flite Nano Elite employs a custom nanotechnology motor.


Flite Nano Elite operates at a broader voltage range, from 4.5V all the way up to 20V. The machine also has a 3.25mm chrome cam and comes with our own patented semi-rigid drive. With no start-up delay and non-polarity sensitivity, artists can enjoy smoother procedures. For a more configurable experience, the Flite Nano Elite uses our patented adjustable torsion flex system, which includes three push bars so artists can choose a soft, medium, or hard drive.  

Other Features

Flite Nano Elite is a fairly quiet machine with minimal vibration. It comes with INOX MX6 lubricant and a setup manual. It also comes with the three torsion bars, detailed above, and a black semi-rigid drive(more...)

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