Diablo V2 Swiss Short 2.5mm Stroke Rotary Tattoo Machine

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Product ID: TM-FR-V2-SWISS-BLK-25

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Product Description

Diablo v2 Swiss

Short Stroke Rotary Machine

The Diablo v2 Swiss adjustable rotary machine can compete with any first-class rotary machine on the market, and for a much lower price. Featuring a smoother runner and a sturdier give knob, the Diablo v2 Swiss takes everything you loved about the original Swiss and improves it. A top-of-the-line Maxon motor guarantees a smooth operation and firm punch whether the piece requires color packing, grewash, or strong linework. The Diablo v2 Swiss is proudly assembled in the USA.

  • Upgraded runner delivers a smoother feel
  • Resilient give adjustment knob stays secure over time and allows for more precise tuning
  • Outfitted with a 12000 rpm Swiss Maxon motor - the best in the industry
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Lightweight and balanced design at only 3.5oz
  • 2.5mm stroke
  • Assembled in the USA

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