Glitter Inlay Stainless Steel Screw Ear Tunnels Flared Plugs

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$ 0.84

Size SKU Price MSRV Quantity
8g (3mm) EAR-1049-03MM-PAIR $ 0.84 $ 4.05
6g (4mm) EAR-1049-04MM-PAIR $ 0.89 $ 4.31
3/4" (19mm) EAR-1049-20MM-PAIR $ 1.30 $ 6.29
1" (25mm) EAR-1049-25MM-PAIR $ 1.57 $ 7.61


Awesome screw on plugs with glitter inlay design These innovative designed plugs are guaranteed to fly off the shelf! These plugs are crafted in 316L stainless steel and polished to a mirror fiish. They are flared on each side for the unique saddle design with a screw on design for easy installation. The gauge is measured in the center.

Price is per pair