Production Cast Iron Professional 8w Tattoo Machine Liner DV8-2

Product ID: TM-DV8-2
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TM-DV8-2 $ 65.00
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From DV8 Irons, this machine is hand crafted and features solid cast iron frame construction as well as heat fired, hardened springs, phelonic washer 8 wrap coils, and 22uf 50V capacitor.  The frame is constructed out of cast iron and finished off with a heat fired effect making each machine slightly different.  This machine is set up as a liner and should be used as one.

  • Optimum voltage: 5.7 volts (sweet spot)
  • 8 wrap tight coils with phenolic washers
  • Cast iron construction (hand made)
  • Thermal insulated
  • Strong & steady 10 coil strike
  • 22uf 50V Capacitor
  • Premium brass front & back binding post and contact screw
  • Excellent Liner

Genuine DV8 Irons Design!