Heart Chandelier Hinged Reverse Belly Button Ring

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$ 1.69

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This piece is by far the most beautiful piece we have ever offered. The entire piece is covered in long strands of quality gem chains and rhodium plated. The 14 gauge reverse curved barbell is hinged to allow for a very comfortable fit. The barbell is 7/16" in length and crafted entirely of 316L stainless steel. This long strand piece hangs over 2.5" inches .... This piece is VERY popular!

The gem chains are rhodium plated for a finish that is guaranteed never to fade or tarnish. Unlike most of our competition, we do not plate our items in inferior silver. All our plated items are plated in rhodium which is made of platinum (more precious than gold) to insure that our customers will be able to enjoy each piece we offer forever without ever having to worry about fading, chipping, or tarnishing (common problems with silver plated items sold by others, BUT NEVER US)