INK-EEZE Ink Enhance Moisturizing Lotion 5ml Packet of Tattoo Moisturizer

INK-EEZE Ink Enhance Moisturizing Lotion 5ml Packet of Tattoo Moisturizer

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Product Description

INK-ENHANCE by INK-EEZE Moisturizing Lotion for Tattoos

5ml Packet

Prevent fading in tattoos, new and old, with a moisturizing lotion made specifically for tattooed skin.

INK-EEZE's Ink-Enhance Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Ink-Barrier technology not only moisturizes the skin, but helps to keep tattoos looking fresher, longer. Protect new and old ink alike from the natural elements that cause tattoos to diminish with this powerful tattoo moisturizer, reducing blown out lines and resisting the natural fading process over time.


  • Moisturizing lotion made for tattooed skin, designed by tattoo artists.
  • Ink-Barrier technology prevents tattoos from fading.
  • Natural plant-based extracts moisturize the skin while protecting tattoos.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free formula.
  • Crafted in the United States.

Utilizing a special formula containing natural plant extracts for anti-oxidant purposes and anti-aging properties, Ink-Enhance is a lotion for tattoos and was created by tattoo artists who needed a lotion for tattoo aftercare. Knowing intimately what tattoos need to hold their vibrancy, INK-EEZE created a daily tattoo moisturizer that not only keeps the skin smooth and healthy, but also acts as a tool for tattoo care. The Ink-Barrier technology that's exclusive to INK-EEZE seals the moisture in the tattoo to keep it hydrated, resisting the diminishing effects that time and the natural elements can cause.

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