INK-EEZE Tattoo Aftercare Cream 5ml Travel Packet

$ 1.75

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Tattoo Aftercare Cream by INK-EEZE

5ml Packet

When looking for ointments, lotions, gels or creams to apply to your brand new tattoo, nothing seems to be geared specifically for the healing process of tattoos. Usually, the lotions and creams are meant for dry skin, not skin affected by the tattooing process. However, INK-EEZE is proud to present to you a tattoo aftercare cream that was made with tattoo healing in mind- created by those in the industry specifically for those with new, healing tattoos. INK-EEZE's tattoo aftercare cream has you and your brand new tattoo covered. A healing cream formulated to hold tattoo vibrancy while it heals. Keep your artwork looking like it did when you first got it. Made with botanical extracts for anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and natural soothing abilities, INK-EEZE's aftercare cream keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated - a key component to keeping your tattoo pristine while it heals. With a vegan-friendly formula and made here in America, you can be sure that when you're buying this tattoo aftercare cream by INK-EEZE, you're supporting not only local American business, but a cruelty-free product.

  • Uses natural plant extracts like cucumber, carrots, licorice, and green tea, among others, to provide your skin the essentials to provide the perfect healing touch.
  • INK-EEZE is proud to sponsor, and be used by, professional tattoo artists such as pioneering female artist Kari Barba, and black and grey realism expert Carlos Torres.
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formula.
  • American made product.
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the new tattoo, making sure it heals correctly.