Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink | Andy Engels Essentials 19 Bottle Collection | 1 oz

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Product Description

Andy Engel Essentials Series
Intenze Tattoo Ink | 19 Bottle Set | 1oz

Well known for putting a twist on traditional black and grey tattooing, Andy Engel and Intenze have teamed up to create the ultimate Essentials se of custom ink colors.

This set includes 19 custom inks, created by Intenze in collaboration with Andy Engel, specifically designed to be used in portrait work. This box also includes a handy guide book showing some of Andy's award-winning tattoos and detailing how to achieve the color mixes he used in specific areas of the tattoo.

You will also find a code to access an in-depth instructional video of Andy Engel detailing his process and how he utilizes the new custom inks.

Included Ink Colors
  1. Skin Tone Natural Extra Light
  2. Skin Tone Natural Light
  3. Skin Tone Natural Medium
  4. Skin Tone Natural Dark
  5. Skin Tone Flesh Light
  6. Skin Tone Flesh Medium
  7. Skin Tone Flesh Dark
  8. Skin Tone Red Light
  9. Skin Tone Red Medium
  10. Skin Tone Red Dark
  11. Weibi's Red
  12. Plum
  13. Dark Plum
  14. Chartreuse
  15. Mint
  16. Flo's Green
  17. Andy's Grey Wash Black
  18. Andy's Shading Black
  19. Andy's True Black

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