Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink | Color Lining 10 Bottle Collection | 1 oz

  • Made in the Usa

$ 101.25

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Default Title INK-ITZ-ITL-SET10-1OZ $ 101.25
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Intenze Color Lining Series 10 Piece Collection

Intenze prides itself on being on the cutting edge of the tattoo industry, continually working to advance its products as the best performing inks with the safest ratings. It is with little surprise then that they would be one of the first companies to introduce a color lining series. This revolutionary formulation allows the artist a wider range of lining options. Gone are the days when a black line was the only way to create the foundation for the tattoo piece. Instead these bold, highly pigmented color lining formulas can set the stage for an incredible piece of color artwork! This 10 piece collection includes an array of colors sure to suit the needs of the artist looking to advance their color work.


  • Lining Brown Dark 1 oz
  • Lining Brown Light 1 oz
  • Lining Red Dark 1 oz
  • Lining Red Light 1 oz
  • Lining Magenta 1 oz
  • Lining Purple 1 oz
  • Lining Blue Light 1 oz
  • Lining Green 1 oz
  • Lining Blue Dark 1 oz
  • Lining Yellow 1 oz