Lauro Paolini Custom Made Iban Brass Tattoo Machine Shader

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TM-MPIBAN $ 374.99
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Lauro Paolini Iban Brass Shader

Lauro Paolini started selling hand made machines at conventions in Italy in the 1990's and has worked tirelessly to produce nothing but the absolute best quality in tattoo machines. Each Machine is hand-crafted from one solid piece of brushes polished brass and includes custom made 8 wrap coils. Every Lauro Paolini machine is hand made and individually numbered. de from a solid piece of brass is hand-crafted and polished by brushingspecial mounts 8 wrap coils plus powerful that give a lot of strength.s

  • Made in Italy
  • 8 Wrap Coils
  • Engraved Design
  • Includes: 1 Elegant Leather Case
  • Frame Material: Gold Plated Brass