Light Pink PU Bonded Leather Snap on Belt Strap With Buckle

$ 1.00

Size SKU Price MSRV Quantity
X-Small BLT-WN33LTPNK-XS $ 1.00
Small BLT-WN33LTPNK-S $ 1.00
Large BLT-WN33LTPNK-L $ 1.00
X-Large BLT-WN33LTPNK-XL $ 1.00
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Buckle Rage

Polyurethane Leather Snap On Belt Strap

Light Pink Leather snap on belt - Now you can easily interchange different belt buckles whenever you want! This 1.5" wide belt has easy to use snaps so you can add any fashion belt out there.. It comes with it's own standard buckle!