LOT of 50 Assortment Flexible Multi Color Tongue Ring Barbell

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$ 3.25

Title SKU Price MSRV Quantity
Default Title ACR-TMIX11 $ 3.25 $ 8.45


We at Monstersteel offer the very best selections of body jewelry. These designs will all be the multi color designs you see in the pictures. YOU WILL RECEIVE DUPLICATES as this is a lot intended for those who will resell the jewelry. All Belly rings will be the same design, but with a mixture of 5-10 color variations. 

You know that each barbell retails for $2.00 to $5.00 OR MORE - Now buy 50 pieces for almost nothing! THATS WAY MORE THAN 1000% profit!

Each tongue barbell features a 16mm bioflex FLEXIBLE barbell (5/8") with two matching design balls. These are ultra comfortable and super popular!

- Standard 1.6mm gauge (14 gauge)
- Most popular in the industry.
- Two matching designer acrylic balls (5mm & 5mm)