Millennium Mom's 41 Colors Ink Tattoo Collection - 1/2 oz

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Product Description

Millennium Mom's 41 Color set is a great addition to any tattoo artists palette- whether the seasoned professional looking to expand their collection, or for the novice apprentice who's just starting out. Used by professional tattoo artists like Marcus Kuhn, "the Gentleman Gypsy" of Eindhoven, Netherland's Just Good Tattoo's, or 3rd Dimension Tattoo's Brian Murphy, you can be assured that with over ten years worth of experience in the industry, Millennium Mom's colors will satisfy. Originally starting out in the early 90's, Millennium Mom's now has over 64 colors for you to choose from- and this pack of 41 is a great way to experience it. With a twist-up cap to ensure an easy opening and closing, it also provides an easy pour and maintains your inks freshness when closed.

  • Comes with 41 beautiful colors.
  • Used by professionals like Brian Murphy of 3rd Dimension Tattoo, and Marcus Kuhn "The Gentleman Gypsy."
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Colors have a high concentration to optimize the colors in the skin for maximum vibrancy.
  • Millenium Mom's has over a decade of experience in the industry.

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