PAIR | Black Horn Organic Hanger Ear Plugs Body Jewelry

$ 5.00

Size SKU Price MSRV Quantity
10g (2.5mm) ORG-1070-02MM-PAIR $ 5.00
8g (3.2mm) ORG-1070-03MM-PAIR $ 5.00
6g (4.1mm) ORG-1070-04MM-PAIR $ 5.00
4g (5.1mm) ORG-1070-05MM-PAIR $ 5.40
00g (9.2mm) ORG-1070-10MM-PAIR $ 6.00
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These organic hangers are carved by hand with precious black buffalo horn in Bali. All organic material is from NON-endangered species. As these are individually made by hand, no two will be exactly alike. Part of the beauty of organic jewelry is this unique fact.

Price is per pair.