Pirat Tattoo Machines - Handmade Orange Aluminium Candy Liner

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TM-PRT-CLAL-ORG $ 329.99
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Pirat Tattoo Machines

Handmade Orange Aluminium Candy Liner

From Pirat Tattoo Machines, this machine is handmade and has a one-piece aluminum frame construction as well as .020 liner springs, color matching coils, and 47uf 35V capacitor. This machine is super lightweight weighing only 5.3oz and is finished in a durable coating.

  • Optimal Voltage: 5.5V
  • Small and Light Weight
  • One-piece aluminium frame construction
  • Color Matching Coils
  • .020 liner springs
  • 47uf 35V Capacitor
  • Excellent Liner