Ringmaster Irons Polished Brass Bullet Tattoo Machine Front Binding Post 8-32

Product ID: TMP-RFB-H001
  • Made in the Usa
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TMP-RFB-H001 $ 4.75
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Polished Brass and Copper Bullet Front Binding Post

One of our coolest front binding posts is definitely this polished brass bullet case accompanied by it's matching copper bullet thumb screw, also polished weighing a total of 0.5 ounces. All of our binding posts come drilled and taped with standard American 8-32 threads and what makes this piece convenient is you wont need any special tools to adjust the thumb screw molded with an easy grip. This sleek little bullet has a 10mm diameter and is 26mm in length, giving any tattoo machine the "Bad Boy" look it deserves.

  • Length of Front Post: 0.628"
  • Diameter of Front Post: 0.390"
  • Length of Rear Post: 0.715"
  • Diameter of Rear Post: 0.390"

You will receive one front and rear binding post. Does not include nylon ball.