Portable Combination Lock Safety Box with Key code Pad

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SFE-300 $ 47.76
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Key Locking Gun Safe

Portable and lightweight this key locking will keep your valuables safe. The battery operated safe also comes with two emergency keys that can open the safe without key code verification. External dimensions: 12.5" x 12.25" x 3.5"


  • 1 x Safe
  • Steel Outer Shell
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 2 x Emergency Keys


The keycode gun safe operates with a 5 digit password and comes preset with the factory code: �1-2-3-4-1�. You should change the entry codes as soon as possible to ensure proper security. The safe uses a combination of LED and sound to indicate system functions. Override keys are provided for emergency access. Have a paper clip, or a small pointed object ready, as it will be needed to push the reset button to input a new code.


  1. On first use, insert override key and turn to the left to unlock the safe. Install one 9-volt battery and close the safe.
  2. Test factory code: "1-2-3-4-1" to ensure the safe is working properly. A beep will sound and the lock will open. The safe will beep three times when an entry is incorrect.
  3. To set a new code, insert the pin end of a paper clip into the reset button, located on the inside of far left corner of the safe's front side.
  4. Enter your new 5 digit code. The safe will beep twice to indicate the new code has been saved.

Low Battery:

A red LED will light up when unlocking your device to indicate low battery power. Be sure to change the battery as soon as possible.

If the battery has completely died, use the emergency 9V battery jump, located on the side of the safe. This will allow you to unlock your safe to immediately replace your battery.