Psychedelic Dichro Multi Color Pyrex Glass Twister Talon

$ 3.34

Size SKU Price MSRV Quantity
8g (3mm) GLS-1010-03MM-PAIR $ 3.60
6g (4mm) GLS-1010-04MM-PAIR $ 3.60
4g (5mm) GLS-1010-05MM-PAIR $ 3.60
2g (6mm) GLS-1010-06MM-PAIR $ 3.34
0g (8mm) GLS-1010-08MM-PAIR $ 3.48
00g (9mm) GLS-1010-10MM-PAIR $ 3.60
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Beautifully hand crafted pyrex glass dichro design ear spiral talons. As these are hand made, no two will be identical. This is part of the beauty of these unique hand made pieces.

Price is per pair